Studio Baan 50

Welcome at ART artstudio JORINDE JONKER.

Since januari 2014 I have my own studio, in a complex shared with more artists. At Baan 50, Rotterdam.

It has given me the opportunity to work at a larger scale and provides space to concentrate properly on my own art.

I use many coulour contrasts. Coulour is very fascinating for me, I love to use it. The way coulours respond to eachother. The fact that some coulour contrasts seem to make move when they are put closely together. The way they catch the attention. It is all very interesting for me. Using them is an intuitive process, which has a close connection with the subject of the art work.

While painting I always show my point of view. Sometimes literally, sometimes just associative.

I mainly make paintings, but I enjoy drawing, printing, making collages and photography as well.

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© Jorinde Jonker