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Welcome at ART artstudio JORINDE JONKER.

Ever thought about making Art? Do you like to travel? Would you feel like enhancing your creativity? Or do you need help by developing a creative educational project?

Art travel: ART artstudio organises trips to several locations in Europe, to develop your creativity and enhance your artistic skills. During those trips we focus on art, culture and everything that is surrounding us, as inspiration and subject.

Workshops: there are many possibilities for workshops, for a few hours, a day or in a short course. Are you already busy with art, but do you find it hard to develop yourself any further? Or would you like to try if you like it? Do you have a special occasion and would you like to make a piece of art with a group? Would you like to learn how professional Art can help you with your own?

Creativity: nowadays we need our creativity more than ever. Sometimes it is difficult to know how to use our potential. With some exercises and professional ART artstudio can help develop yourself and perform beyond your expectations.

Education: even though science is more and more convinced about the importance of creativity for children at schools, it still isn't taught very much. Mostly because society focusses on other subjects. But to give children space to enhance their creativity and learn them how to use it, is valuable and unbearable for their future. ART artstudio can help a school to think more creative and design a policy in order to develop it in their students.

Studio Baan 50: my studio is situated in a building where more artists are working. This provides a nice and inspiring environment. It is very close to the cultural heart of Rotterdam: the Witte de Withstraat. It provides a great possibility to develop and create my own art.

© Jorinde Jonker