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Ever thought about making Art? Would you like to observe a particular place? See it trough different eyes? Come to its essence by trusting it to a piece of paper? Are there any skills you would like to learn or develop? Or do you have specific artistic "problems" you desperately would like to be solved? ART artstudio JORINDE JONKER has several art workshops to offer. Short courses are possible as well.

1. Artistic skills.

Do you like to draw or paint? Or would you like give it a try? Are there specific artistic skills you want to develop? During a workshop Artistic skills you can try out, develop and learn all kinds of artistic technics, such as: 3D and perspective drawing, using contrasts, learning how to mix coulours, drawing from observation, etc. For any personal wishes or goals you can contact me as well.

2. Using Art as inspiration for your own work..

Professional art can be a great inspiration for all who want to develop their own skills. How did an artist solve certain artistic problem? Why does some art catch the eye and how did the artist establish that? Which concepts were in the mind of the artist and how an you use them yourself? Why is some art appealing and some hard to recognize? Can you learn to look at art and learn how to appreciate it? During this workshop art will be the starting point of your own work. If you would like to focus on your favourite artist or quite the opposite: an artist you totally don't like, please don't hesitate to contact me. But I can also propose something myself.

3. Making Art together.

Sometimes you have an occasion in which you like to do something special. Please consider making an artwork together. Maybe you're organising a bachelorette party and would you like to give the future bride a painting which you made together. Or maybe you're searching a workshop for a teambuilding at work? Possibly someone will say goodbye or you want a special afternoon with your family? There are many possibilities and each workshop fits the occasion, the firm, the relation between groups or people and the purpose.

Where: on any suitable location, depending on the workshop.

Price: 55,- p.p., exclusive material costs, possible costs for locations and entrances.

Please contact me to make an appointment:

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