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Are you aware of the fact that creativity doesn't have a high priority at your school and do you have the wish to change it? Would you like to give the school a creative impuls? Or do you need help developing a more creative policy?

ART artstudio JORINDE JONKER can help in several ways. For example by giving a creativity worksop to your team. Or to help changing existing visual art lessons into more creative ones. By doing a series of workshops, developing a more creative approach to teaching in general.

During my job as an art teacher at the Thomas More University, I visit many schools. In my experience the development of creativity doesn't have enough priority. I also notice that the art subjects are underestimated comparing to other ones.

Creativity is an unbearable skill for people, personally and for society. For this reason it is tremendously important children get a good creative education. To be able to think "out of the box" causes solutions for al kinds of problems. Again, personally and socially. Art subjects can be instruments to practice this. But you actually can transform any subject in a more creative one.

The children of today know very well in which they aren't very successful. Often it isn't entirely sure if what they have to learn is important for their future. Unfortunately they might not get to know what their talent is or how useful it could be. Because our society asks for creative minds, it is very strange there is hardly any attention for developing it at school. By using our creative potential as a human species, we might be able to establish a better world, in which we create an important place for nature, culture and a good living for everyone.

The programme is always designed with the goals and wishes of the school in mind.

Where: at school or on any suitable location.

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