Art travel

Welcome at ART artstudio JORINDE JONKER.

Ever thought about learning how to draw and paint? Do you feel like enhancing your artistic skills in an inspiring area? Are you curious if you can create something out of nothing?

Traveling with ART artstudio JORINDE JONKER gives you the opportunity to get to know a country and culture in a different way. While you are discovering a new place, you trust your observations to paper in your own personal way. At the same time you develop your creative ability. Everyone is welcome, beginners, experienced, advanced, lessons start from your own level. Within the programme there is space to work on personal goals and difficulties. Besides a different programme each day, you also work on a bigger project. Which is always connected to the place we are visiting.

journeys are taking a midweek or a long weekend. Often an excursion is included and of course you have time for sightseeing.

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