Germany, Rhine valley

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Would you like to travel to the beautiful Rhine valley in Germany? A landscape with a rich history? A place where castles provide a great view over the Rhine. Where legends and the flowing river are closely connected?

The wild mountains, the streaming river and the fact that it is surrounded by wineries, makes it a perfect destination to be explored trough Art.

During the course we will visit Burg Rheinfels, a huge castle, with a great view, underground corridors and spaces with a different atmosphere. Because the castle isn't completely rebuilt, it is still authentic, which makes it even more suitable to be artistically observed.

We also use the legend of the Loreley. In this story a beautiful nymph, seduces the boatmen by her appearance and songs, so they lost control over their ships and were wrecked at the massive rocks in the Rhine.

Besides the dayly assignments and excursions we wil also work towards a piece of Art, which you will create out of nothing.

The course starts in Burg Rheinfels, the beginning of an artistic adventure. Because the area has a lot to offer, there will also be spare time to do some sightseeing, visit a winery or do some shopping in for example Wiesbaden.

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The journey to the Rhine valley, the stay and further excursions are not included and have to be arranged by yourself.

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Campings close to the Loreley:

Some of the campings have houses for rent.

Youth hostel close to Burg Rheinfels:

Youth hostel close to the Loreley:


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