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Would you like to travel to Italy and admire its ancient culture and beauty? Between the Adriatic sea and the Appenines you can find the authentic region Marche. In the middle of green hills, surrounded by pine trees, cypresses and a great view, "Villa Fonti" is situated. Our accomodation during this course.

The landscape is divers and rich. There are typical Italian villages, historic sights, great food and it is close to the sea. A perfect place for Art travelling.

The beautiful surroundings of Villa Fonti are perfect for observation. But there are plenty other options to visit. For example Urbino, a beautiful University city, with typical Italian squares, streets and palazzi. The Renaissance artists Rafael and Bramante were born here. Or Pesaro, were composer Rossini has grown up. Music can be a great source for inspiration.

Because the environment is so divers, each day has a different approach and outcome. Each place has its quality and helps to use and try different Art technics and materials.

Marche and Villa Fonti are also very suitable for family and friends, who would like to travel with you, but without interest in joining the course.

Besides the dayly assignments and excursions we wil also work towards a piece of Art, which you will create out of nothing.

The programme starts at monday morning at Villa Fonti and finishes at friday afternoon. There will be time to do some sightseeing yourself. For example to Palazzo Ducale in Urbino or the Gallerie Nazionale delle Marche, with artwork of Rafael, Francesca and Titian. But simply enjoying the clear sea and taking a visit to the beautiful beaches at the coast is possible as well.


The 17th - 21st of October 2016

Price: 425,- p.p., including all Art materials.

Accomodation: 370,- en 450,- p.p*, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, coffee and wine.

Travelling to Italy and prices for excursions are not included.

*depending on the size of the group and individual wishes.

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